Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jane Sagan Makeup

We had a wondeful weekend. We went to go visit my folks, since it was my niece's birthday. What a great time! My family is a lot of fun to hang out with. We took the land yacht out for the first time in a while and stayed in my brother's driveway.

While we were there, my wonderful sister-in-law helped me work out some of the green body makeup that I may use for my planned Jane Sagan costume. She does a clown ministry with her church, so she has a collection of various types of clown/theatrical makeup. We played with some Snazzeroo and some grease paint before we found a combination that seemed to work. She even jogged my memory as to the makeup that friends at Dragon*Con told me about. It was on the tip of my tongue for weeks... I kept thinking "Krylon". But then I would think, "No, KT, that's not right, that's SPRAY PAINT." (Then I would hear Jeff Foxworthy in my head, saying "Just say it with Krylon!" GAH!) But she told me the correct term: Kryolan. (Once I saw it written down, I could remember it. I can't remember a word very well if I don't know how to spell it.) It's amazing how just a few letters make such a big difference! Unless, of course, I want permanent body makeup. But that's a horse of a different color. Anyway, I was going crazy trying to remember that one brand name, and now I have it.

I liked the Snazzeroo. It isn't very expensive, and it felt light on my skin. I am concerned that it may run if I get too hot and sweaty (which is a hazard at Dragon*Con). We tried using a paintbrush and a sponge for applying it, and the sponge worked much better. I'd like to try some Kryolan at some point, too, but I think I am happy with the preliminary stage of my research so far.

Now for the preliminary stage for my eyes. The soldiers in "Old Man's War" have cats-eyes, which means... theatrical contacts! I have never worn these before, so I am doing my research. One piece of advice I have found that I will pass along... do not order theatrical contacts from anyone who does not require a prescription from a doctor. Even if you don't need them for vision correction, you still need contacts that fit your eyes properly. Ones that don't fit properly may damage your eyes. I have enough trouble with mine that I don't need more! I may check with my optometrist to see if he sells any specialty lenses. Some do, I have found. And he already has my measurements. I will need "powered" lenses... otherwise I'll have to navigate the con by sonar!

I am still going through various designs for the costume, with help from my older brother, who has also read OMW. He has a lot of great suggestions that will help in this design.

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