Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dragon*Con is Coming!

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Work has kept me pretty busy lately. Hopefully I'll be able to get all of my "extracurricular" activities caught up over the next couple of days. And later this week... Dragon*Con! I've been waiting for this all year.

My costumes this year include the Raven OYL outfit that I wore last year and the Speedy that I wore to this year's Chattacon. I have made a couple of tweaks to each costume to improve the problems that each had. I fixed Raven's belt -- using FunkyFoam jewels instead of the felt ones that just fell off last year. The wonders of FunkyFoam never cease! I also made the gaiters for the boots for the Speedy outfit and fixed (hopefully) the problems with the quiver that made it fall apart (literally) as I walked in the door at ChattaCon.

So I have costumes for Saturday and Sunday. However, I didn't have anything for Friday! I wanted one comfortable day, but I also wanted something that would fit in with the con. So I whipped up a t-shirt design:

This is a tip of the hat to all of those athletic "Property Of" t-shirts out there. I remember that in one of my "Twilight Child" stories, Raven was wearing a "Property of Titans' Tower" sweatshirt that Bart made her wear. I thought it would be a scream to have one my own.

This task took several steps:

1. I created the lettering in WordArt.

2. I moved the lettering over to Paint, where I added the "T" symbol.

3. I exported it to PrintMaster. From here, I can tweak it and print it in mirror mode onto iron-on transfer paper.

I am laundering the new shirt now. Once it is dry, I can iron on the design. Then I'll be ready for Friday!