Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Great Idea for Health Care Reform

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well. The crafting adventures continue.

- the cross-stitch rendition of "The Kiss" is about 75% complete. I'll post a picture when it is done

- the prayer shawl is about 60% complete. It's gotten so bulky that it is not portable any more, so I can only work on it when I am at home

- the Green Lantern costume: I have spandex, I have a serger, and I know how to use it. I haven't cut the fabric yet. However, I have carved the wax master of the ring. I have just bought my Knead-a-Mold and some resin. I will attempt to make the ring negative with the Knead-a-Mold in the next couple of weekends, when I have a large block of time. I'll keep you updated on that one. I haven't done resin casting before...

Health Care Reform

Anyone who knows me is aware that I did not vote for Obama, and I am still a bit wary of his policies and platforms. However, I did read something today that I did like, about what Mrs. Obama is supporting:

Michelle Obama Supports Healthy Lifestyles

This is probably the best idea I've ever heard about health care reform. One of the best additions we can make? Preventive care. Preventive care is almost always cheaper and is definitely better for people in the long run than reactive care. Isn't it better to prevent illness where you can, or at least reduce its likelihood, rather than treating it? At the very least, let us reduce the occurrence of problems and illnesses that crop up from an unhealthy lifestyle. We can't prevent everything, but we can stop contributing to our own problems and making them worse with our sedentary, empty-calorie-laden lifestyles, can't we?

Less spending would, hopefully, slow the increase of premiums as fewer claims are needed. On top of the savings, we would actually FEEL BETTER, which is more important than money.