Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just When You Thought I Had Enough Hobbies...

I just got (another) book from Amazon... "The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook"! It's a lovely book about a form of Japanese quilting. When I get more of my Christmas knitting done (and some writing on Dawn Child!), I'd like to try some of it. It is a beautiful art, and a wonderful one to add to my fiber art skills repertoire!

Some additional information on this form of quilting:

Purl Bee Sashiko tutorial

A Short Sashiko History

Sashiko FAQ


Anybody else ready for Titans #5? I'm bouncing up and down waiting for it to come out tomorrow to see what happens. I also want to see 6 and 7... I'd really like to have Joey back and in his normal body for more than 5 minutes!


I discovered another podcast site whilst at DragonCon. The AstronomyCast site features half-hour shows, updated weekly, on various topics in astronomy. The hosts break down the information into digestible bites. I've always liked astronomy, and of course I am interested in writing some original science fiction when I get Dawn Child finished (and I will!!!!). This is some great knowledge to have in my noggin so that I can make the stories as plausible as possible.

If you enjoy astronomy, give it a listen:


I will add it to my list of favorite podcasts as well. If you listen to it, let me know what you think!


Anyone else for Steampunk? This technological vision of the Victorian era is absolutely fascinating. If you are into it, you might enjoy this link on creating your own Steampunk clothing:

ThreadBanger's Steampunk episode

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Recovering from the Con - Updated 9/6

I still have bits of costume strewn about my study as I clean them and organize them for storage until I can wear them again. I've got the same feeling now that I have after every Christmas, that empty feeling before everything starts up again for the New Year. In fact, it seems that a kind of year rolls over for me at this time, as I turn around and start thinking about what I would like to do the next year...

I did meet a lot of new friends this year (still missing Beast Boy, *sniff*), and I also found a wonderful new blog at one of the podcasting panels. If you love Celtic music, and if you ever listened to the Thistle and Shamrock on public radio, you will love this:

Marc Gunn Celtic Podcasts

Check it out if you have any Celtic Soul in ye!

We saw several bands at the Con with a Celtic sound, including Emerald Rose, who performed there several times. They perform traditional music AND con filking that is rather hilarious. I highly recommend them.

I grew up listening to Andy M. Stewart and Silly Wizard and the Chieftains and Dougie McLean and Clannad... and too many others to name here. I hadn't listened to any of that for a while, and I didn't know how much I missed it until I heard it again. I love fiddles and penny whistles and the sometimes whimsical, sometimes wistful, Scottish and Irish (and Welsh!) music. I am of Irish and Cherokee descent (as well as English and German), so I suppose the music calls to something in my very marrow sometimes. I have always felt comforted by it.

And now for some pictures! Part I, anyway:

We finally found garb for the mister. We purchased it over different booths at the Con. I think he looks rather fine in it:

Someone call the Colonial Marines!

The band Emerald Rose (which I mentioned above)

Top O' the Mornin' to Ye!

A Steampunk "Automaton" -- steam punk was HUGE at the Con this year. We are thinking about indulging in a couple costume in this genre, since it is one we both like:

My OYL Raven did make an appearance on Friday. Yes, that is a different wig than the one I wore for the McKone outfit:

Another OYL Raven pic:

Another McKone Raven of me that I found. Full Disclosure, yes I did photoshop my poochy belly just a wee bit, just to see what I WILL look like in the future:

Black Adam and Isis

Ted Kord Blue Beetle!

I saw a couple of comic Starfires this year, which is new. I've only seen the animated Starfire's before.

The only other comic Raven that I've ever met at a Con. She was more of the Wolfman-Perez version and used a different approach than I did in construction. I thought that the tailored waist was a great idea. I thought she was beautiful, and I do feel a little clumsy when compared to this version. She was very nice and stayed in character.

Replaying a scene from "Hancock", which was a great movie...

One of the coolest costumes EVER... This kid and his dad made this costume out of cardboard and spray paint. It looks great. What made it even better is that he actually transformed! His dad would take his helmet off, he would dive down to the floor in some kind of yogic child's pose, moved the flaps from behind him forward, and he was a tank! He won the Children's Costume contest, and I think the prize was well-deserved. People went nuts when he came on stage.

Steam Punk and Punk Rock

A group of Green Lanterns from NY in the parade...

I thought she was a beautiful Green Lantern. I think she used the same pattern that I used to make the McKone Raven (I just had to alter it from pants to a skirt). She did a great job with the alterations on the pattern.

And a GL Batman and GL Superman! How cool is that! And they waved at me and recognized my Raven costume. SQUEEE!


Not my gumdrop buttons! The Gingerbread Man from Shrek

The guys from ConNooga, which is a convention in my town of Chattanooga. Here we have a variety of characters, including Mork from Ork.

The little guy from the Six Flags commercial. Makes sense, since Six Flags Over Georgia is nearby

Here's one that Frank will like... a SteamPunk Batman!

More later...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DragonCon 2008

Well, another DragonCon has come and gone. We just got back yesterday, and I'm back at work. I am still decompressing. It takes a while to get used to NOT seeing spandex, Klingons and Jedi everywhere. There are no stormtroopers here at home to work security, and now I'm nervous! I'm sure I'll be fine. Just give me a few days.

We had a great time this year. We ran into some old friends that we see every year, some from Chattanooga itself and some I just get to see at Con, including one wonderful lady from Chicago who is a grand Harry Potter fan. I always enjoy seeing her. (However, I didn't get my Beast Boy hug this year! I scoured the Con for Dave and Robin and Frank and Rick, and I couldn't find them anywhere. I am sad. :( It's just not a complete Con if I don't get to say hi to them. I don't know if they didn't make it this year or if in the milling thousands of people there I just couldn't find them. Maybe next year. Sigh. )

Anthony took lots of pictures, which I will be posting later. For now, I do have pictures of my costumes for this year. I wore the OYL Raven again this year, but you guys have seen that one already.

Here is a better picture of Speedy than last year. It fits better, since I have lost 16 pounds and cut off 10 inches of hair since last Con:

And here is my new McKone Raven outfit. I finally got a wig! I had to take it off eventually. The wig cap underneath it was cutting off the circulation to my scalp.

And here is another shot so you can see the dress and the boots. Hmmm. I'm still a little on the pudgy side there. I have a little more weight to lose before this looks the way I want it to.

I'm really proud of that one. It's the first costume that I made all by myself. Well, I didn't make the actual boots, but I did make the boot covers. There are a few corrections that I'd like to make to it before I wear it again, but it's my most comfortable costume so far... plus, this one suffered none of the wardrobe failures that I am famous for. I had to be careful of the wind outside (we were getting wind from Gustav all the way in Atlanta) to avoid any Marilyn Monroe moments. Thank Heaven for dance bloomers, just in case.

I did see one other comic Raven this year (finally!). She was the Wolfman-Perez version. She looked so lovely. I'll post her picture with the others later. She stayed in character way better than I did. I think I probably smile to much to be a convincing Raven. Doesn't matter, I was having fun. The Con is like a great big family reunion and gives me the chance to hang out with 50,000 people just like me. Not something I get every day. It's a great holiday and a break from the real world.

More later. Gotta get back to work.