Thursday, October 04, 2007

Crafty web site

I found a cool crafty web site last night. I am getting more interested in multiple kinds of crafts -- especially needlework -- and this looks like a great place to get information and post pictures of your own projects:


It is a forum that has many, many members and has lots of great craft ideas.

I no longer have a reason to be bored. At all.

As Archimedes once said, "Give me a bottle of Mod Podge, and I will decoupage the world." Or something like that.

I have started work on the pattern for the McKone Raven opera gloves. I have never made gloves before, so this will be a challenge. I am going to mock up a pair from my scrap fabric pile, but I STILL need to keep in mind that my final version will be stretchy and should be cut somewhat smaller than the mockup. If all else fails, I can get a store-bought pattern to make them with, but I prefer to make them myself. I have incredibly small wrist bones that are very hard to fit into standard sizes. Also, my little finger is a little on the crooked side (on both hands)... gloves that fit the other four fingers tend to NOT fit my pinky!

Wish me luck.

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