Monday, September 24, 2007

...and there was great rejoicing...

It just got announced at work... I've been promoted from Programmer/Analyst III to Systems Analyst! I've been working toward this for a while, so I'm glad it has arrived.

Sorry about the weird colors on the blog. I've been playing with the template lately. I'm making adjustments as I have time, such as playing with the colors. Hopefully it will look better soon.

Also, my weight is finally going back down. I am back below 150 for the first time in over six months! I'm looking to get back down to about 130, which is the high end of 'normal' for my age and height. I've lost about 7 pounds since Dragon*Con. I hope to get to my goal before next D*C. I've lost 50 pounds in 6 months before, so I think I can do this.
Why is it so easy to gain and so hard to lose when it comes to weight?

This will change the size on my costumes a little, so I'm going to wait a bit before I do anything that's closely tailored.

Here is my basic design for the patch for the Jane Sagan costume:

CDF Patch Rough Design

I went with the Phoenix-and-Torch motif, as explained in the artist's comments in the link above.

What do you think?

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