Monday, August 28, 2006

Ready for Teen Titans #38...

(*tap tap tap*) I'm trying to keep myself busy until Wednesday. I really need to be packing for DragonCon. I'm spending most of my time prepping for the writer's workhop on Thursday and Friday. I'm really looking forward to the workshop.

As a child of the 70s/80s, I found this blog entry rather amusing. Even those of you who have not read comics from this era might find it humorous. This post is from Comic Book Resources.

What We Can Learn and Questions That Are Raised by Early 1970s Comic Books

Most of the images and disucssions are from old Marvel comics. I did read more Marvel back in the day since I was a big X-Men fan (who could forget the Brood? The best Alien wannabes around!). I also enjoyed ROM, any story with Ben Grimm, and What If?

Since I posted the link to Tony Daniel's Wizard interview a while ago, I thought I would post his latest Newsarama interview. Go Tony!

Tony Daniel Interview with Newsarama

I was sad to hear that we won't see his pencils in #38, but I am curious about his fill-in artist. We shall see on Wednesday.

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DeTroyes said...

Good luck at DragonCon!

And post pictures! Lots and lots of pictures!