Monday, September 04, 2006

DragonCon pictures

I am back home! I am exhausted, but I had a blast. I even met Beast Boy and Nightwing, two very nice gentlemen, in the Hyatt lobby. They got some pictures of me, and we took pictures of them, for our respective web sites. BB's costume was very well made. After the time it took just to make my cloak, I can appreciate the kind of work that he put into it. I hope I run into him again next year.

There were a wide variety of costumes at the Con this year. There were more superheroes than last year. Most of the ones I saw were X-Men, although I did see several Nightwings and a Batman or two. I saw a well-done Wonder Woman and at least one Hawkman. There were lots of elves and hobbits. Star Wars was well-represented by a veritable army of Jedi and clone troopers.

Here are some more pictures:

A Colonial Warrior from the original Battlestar Galactica series:

And a Cylon:

The Hulk:

And, wouldn't you know it, a plethora of Ghostbusters. They were very popular this year.

A very nicely done Moon Knight:

Shaun of the Dead:

And more Leia's in metal bikinis than you could say grace over:


Sara said...

Forget makin' the costume, I'm impressed that the Beast Boy guy had the patience for all that green! I went as Mystisque from X-men for Halloween once, and my blue did not look that smooth. That must have taken such a long time....

And that is a lot of Leias. Why is the metal bikini so popular? It can't possibly be comfortable.


KTHunter said...

Yes, the green was very smooth, even in his hair. The ears looked great, too.

I have no idea why the Leias were so popular this year. They all came out of nowhere. My husband said there were so many people gathered to take pictures that they had to disburse the crowd. It was so large that it was a fire hazard! I wasn't there, so I didn't actually see it. The husband took all of these pictures.

It's good to be home, though. We were going to take the RV down, but we had problems on the way and had to just commute to Atlanta every day. This meant getting up at 4 AM to get ready and make the 2-hour trip down. One day it turned into 3 hours because of the traffic. I'm glad to not be running that marathon today.