Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More DragonCon Photos

The gentlemen that I met at DragonCon (including Beast Boy) have now posted their DragonCon photos on the net for all to see. I thought y'all would like to see them.

Frank Hui's DragonCon Photos

The DragonCon photos are in the link sections at the bottom. There is a picture of myself with Beast Boy on the first page of the third section. There are a lot of great photos here. These guys had lots of great costumes for the Con.

It's such a beautiful night here in Chattanooga. It's just a little cool. The stars are out. The mister and I just sat down in the driveway and stared at the constellations for a bit whilst the cat circled us. She was wondering why we were in her usual napping spot. The breeze was delicious but not quite chilly. It's refreshing to have some cooler temperatures after the summer heat. I haven't gone out to look at the stars in quite some time. I'm glad I did. There's something so peaceful about sitting on my porch and then gazing at the night sky before retiring for the night. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I think for us it has come early.

I say early, because this part of Tennessee usually stays pretty warm until October. I saw a joke on the internet once that described our seasons here: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas. We're almost ready to leap into Still Summer, I guess. But I'm excited. I love October. I love turning leaves and fresh apples from the Orchard up on Signal Mountain -- all the Galas, Fujis and Arkansas Blacks that I can eat. Mmmmm... a good crisp apple and a wedge of Brie is just heaven on a plate. Now I'm making myself hungry, so I'd better stop.

Good night, friends. Take a moment to enjoy the stars. Pax.


Sara said...

Oh man, now I really want to go to a convention. So many great costumes!

Hey, in that guy's page of photos, in Part 2 of the DragonCon pics, did you happen to see the Shazam! fetishists? Page 2. It's...different. In a good way. I think.


KTHunter said...

I have to admit, the Shazam ones were interesting!

We have the Chattacon convention here in Chattanooga. I need to go to that one. I think there's usually bunches of conventions in CA, aren't there?

We don't get many around here. I think there's Chattacon in the winter, Adventurecon in Knoxville mid-summer, and DragonCon in Atlanta on Labor Day Weekend. I think Heroes is over in NC and not TOO far away. But we don't get a lot of con action here, unfortunately.