Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Patiently Waiting for August 23rd...

... and working on the prewrite for "Dawn Child". I took a lot of notes for it last night, and it's coming along nicely.

I did work on my cloak this weekend, but only on the hood. Maybe I'll get it finished this weekend.

Feeling kind of blah tonight, but the hubby and I made some popcorn chicken and tater tots for dinner, and I feel a little better. It's like magic comfort food; no matter how lousy I feel or how un-hungry I am (and I'm hypoglycemic and I have to eat) I can always eat that.


Sara said...

Ah, but can you wait patiently for August 30th, because that's the day DC's website is now soliciting the issue for? (*sigh*)
I really want Raven back on the team...
And I want to see Zatara and Miss Martian (and whoever else was on the team during the missing year)
Titans East sounds good too...oh, why do they have to keep delaying Titans?

But huzzah, Dawn Child prewrite! This is good news indeed. Will we get the one-shot of Raven meeting Matt Logan before or after Dawn Child?


Leo Cez said...

Nice! I've been looking at Newsarama site and see really nice Titans news! Titans East is really taking my atention! I really don't believed when I see DUELA DENT name on the team!! I really love her! And I'm very exited about 52 #21!!

KTHunter said...

Hi Sara!
I didn't find out the date had shifted until later that day :(
I guess I'll live, but I need my fix! I want to know what happened with Red Star, too, and why he might know where Raven is!

The one-shot should be before DC, but unfortunately I've run into some snags on it. I'll keep trying!

Hi Kid Leo -- I am looking forward to 52 #21 too! We need to see what happened with the Titans during the year. Duela is going to be so cool. She's wanted to be on a team for a while now. Here's her chance.