Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wizard World Chicago This Weekend...

... and I'm not going. Mainly because DragonCon is just around the corner, and I need my $$ for that. There are some neat things going on there, though, and I enjoy reading about them on the Newsarama and Wizard websites.

Here's a good article on a writing class conducting at WWC:

Paul Jenkins: Writing Soup to Nuts

I'll post other articles that pique my interest -- maybe you'll like them too.

The Raven costume for DragonCon is coming along nicely. I got my boots in the mail this week. My wonderful, lovely, 1980s black suede pixie boots. I wore these little cuffed boots in high school, and I wonder why they ever went out of style. They are the most comfortable shoe ever made. (Here's a real head-scratcher -- they brought back JELLY SHOES, for crying out loud, but not pixie boots.) But I think these little boots are perfect for the OYL Raven costume. I hope to get my cloak finished this weekend as well. Just a few more weeks to go!

I got "52" #13 this week. Creeepy. I really feel for Ralph. The poor guy has been driven over the edge. I really want to see how this all turns out for him; we are only 1/4 of the way through their year, and I know we have more twists and turns going. Was that really Sue's spirit talking to him? Was it a trick of the Cult of Conner? Was it just wishful thinking that was so strong that he made himself see it? I don't think anyone else saw it, did they? Brrrrrr.

I loved the "Outsiders". What a great view into the Brain/Mallah relationship. They are becoming some of my favorite villains (although non-psycho Slade will always be my true fave). It really made me see why these two would have that kind of relationship -- they can talk about deep subjects on the same level. No matter who is involved in the relationship, that's something you've got to have, I think, in order to keep a good relationship going: the ability to really communicate and talk to each other. These two seem to have what a lot of good guys seem to lack in their own relationships. Scary.


Sara said...

I have a terrible addiction to boots, so now I am terribly jealous that you have black suede pixie boots. They sound adorable, and very comfortable.

The Brain and Mallah are becoming some of my favorite villians as well, for the reasons you mentioned. They're becoming fleshed-out characters, not just your average super-geniuses bent on world domination or whatever.
And yeah, their relationship is a lot better than what most good guy's have! That is scary.

Their conversation about why God would be a tap dancer made me so happy. That was very clever. And the part about the little trees, and when they messed around with Thunder.
I was impressed with Outsiders this month. It's been a little poorly-paced lately, but this issue was really well done.


KTHunter said...

I share your addiction with boots. I have 2 other sets of ankle boots that would have done in a pinch, but they both had heels. Raven's new boots look low-heeled as far as I can tell from the cover of #39. Plus, I do NOT want to walk around at a con in high heels all day. Talk about making me crabby. If my feet ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. These boots are very adorable. I'm waiting until the con to actually wear them around. After that, who knows?

I like to see super-villains fleshed out into actual characters, instead of just being the bad-guy of the month. Kind of like Lydecker on the series "Dark Angel" -- they gave him all kinds of quirks and flaws that made him seem more than just the guy from Manticore. I'd like to see more Mallah-and-the-Brain. It seems like they are up to a lot these days.

I hope that the "Outsiders" comic continues to shake off its OYL doldrums and gets back to business. I'd like to see Kori back on Earth, either with them or the Titans. (Personally, I think she belongs with the Titans.)

Looking forward to August 23rd...