Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Hello everyone --

They did something great for us at work today. This week is Customer Service Week, and they usually give us a treat. My boss took the team out for ice cream. Then we got to see Keith "Dr. Attitude" Harrell speak. He has spoken at some events for our company before, but never to all of us at once.

This guy is something else. I think it is impossible to feel bad if you are in the same state as Mr. Harrell. He is so upbeat, he makes you want to get up and dance! He said a lot of things that I needed to hear, and I really appreciate it and hope I can make use of what he said about attitude being everything. I feel so energetic now, which is good because I have felt terrible this week. I may go out and buy one of his books on tape or something, because this is something I would like to keep with me. His motto is "Super fantastic!" -- and he makes you feel that way.

Comic Book Day today. It's a light week for me, but that's ok. I spent a lot of $$$$$ last week on my hobby, so my wallet needs the break. But it's also Date Night, and the mister and I are going out to eat. (He cooks Monday and Friday, I cook Tuesday and Thursday, we eat out Wednesday, the weekend is a grab bag.)

I hope everyone has a superfantastic day today.

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