Saturday, October 28, 2006

Speedy Costume

Well, I have made one small step towards the actual manufacture of this one. I created the pattern for the arrow crest this morning. This one will be an appliqued crest instead of an embroidered one. I liked the embroidered look for the Raven outfit, but I think an applique suits Speedy's outfit much better. The plan is to get some yellow satin for the cape and bracers. I'll make the crest out of the same material. I've never done applique before, so this ought to be interesting!

It was hard to find a good picture of the arrow crest, since different artists render Speedy a little differently. I finally picked a good full-body shot out of the annual and used that as a basis. I played around with triangles for a while, but I was having a difficult time making a completely symmetrical arrow. I finally figured out that I could draw half of it, fold it over, then trace the outline of the other half. (Duh, Susan.) That worked out really well. Now I just need to trace the pattern onto some tissue paper. I use a rather stiff art paper to work out the pattern template. Now I need the tissue paper because it is easier to pin to the cloth.


J1701 said...

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J1701 said...

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