Friday, November 10, 2006

Speedy Costume, Revisited

Upon careful consideration, I have decided that I don't have the correct equipment to sew spandex for the Speedy costume. Therefore, I have ordered the red unitard base from a company that makes custom costumes.

For the amount of work that they will put into it, I feel that the price is reasonable(about $140 and change, including shipping and custom construction fees). Here is the link to their web site:

Cool Costumes

I ordered a unitard with a mock turtle neck, attached gloves and "booties", and a back entrace zipper. They can customize any unitard/skirt/shirt made out of spandex or PVC. They can change the neck, the length of the sleeves, etc.,to whatever you want. The site is fun to play around with to see what kinds of costumes one can create.

I'll let you know how it turns out. I am so excited about this. I'm not a standard size, so it will be nice to have an outfit tailored to me! I've gotten an email back from one of the seamstresses about my order already, and she was very nice to talk to.

I will still be making the cloak and the bracers and gaiters and the arrow crest. A friend of mine suggested that I make the crest removable so that I can use the unitard as a base for other costumes. I think that is a good idea -- it will help me get more out of the investment in the base piece.


Sara said...

Woah. Custome costumes. Very cool.

Hm...price isn't bad either. Maybe they could make my Raven costume... but it doesn't look like they have dark/navy blue stretch velvet. :(

Still... good resource. Thanks for sharing! And good luck with the Speedy Costume!

KTHunter said...

Hi, Sara! Good to hear from you.

You know, you could always email them and ask if they could use that kind of fabric. They seem to be flexible on some things. The worse they could say is "sorry, we can't". It would be worth asking about.

I must say, though, that Raven's catsuit would look nice in spandex as well.

They charge $25 to take your measurements and make a custom pattern. They then keep your pattern on file so that if you need another one, they already have the measurements. Pretty cool.

Sara said...

Hmm...I could do that.

And I agree that the catsuit would look good in spandex, but I'm a geek for little details and in that 26-page preview of the New Teen Titans, Raven's outfit was said to be velveteen and now I think all her costumes to be velvet...*shrug*

That is cool about keeping your file. I could get Raven now, Terra later... hm...

I will definatly have to look into this after Christmas spending!