Sunday, November 19, 2006


I am working on the quiver for my Speedy costume. I purchased a papier mache wine bottle gift box from Hobby Lobby for about four bucks. I plan to cover the outside of the main body with red FunkyFoam. I will cover the removable lid with yellow FunkyFoam and punch holes in it for the fake "arrows". I'm planning on about four arrows, including the infamous blue arrow. The quiver will also double as a purse, since regular purses are such a pain when in costume. I'll need to construct a strap as well. I may make it out of the same material as I'm using for my cloak (yellow nylon ripstop) so that everything matches.

Box before any changes:

Red FunkyFoam:

To cover the bottom, I placed the bottom of the box on the Foam and traced a circle around it. I used a mechanical pencil, but I had the lead retracted. I scored the foam where I needed to cut it. No lead was needed. I had to score around it a few times to get a definitive line that I could cut. I then cut out the circle with scissors (NOT my fabric scissors!) and glued it onto the bottom of the box. I used a glue specific for FunkyFoam. It is very tacky, even when it is dry.

I'm having a lot of fun playing around with this. Next, I'll be creating a yellow circle for covering the top of the removable lid while the bottom of the quiver is drying. Then I'll cover the cylindrical bodies of the box and lid with red and yellow foam, respectively.

You know, it is really hard for me to tell the true color scheme of her quiver, because it depends on who the colorist is of any given issue. I've elected to go with a red body and yellow trim.


Anonymous said...

for wht exactly is this? just wondering.. (!)

KTHunter said...

Thank you for asking. It is for a costume that I plan to wear to a science fiction convention in January. The character's name is Speedy. She is the sidekick of green Arrow.

KTHunter said...

Deeps, I don't know how much you know about comics books, so here's a little more information... Both Green Arrow and Speedy are archers and carry bows and arrows in the "Green Arrow" comic. She uses the quiver to carry her arrows.

Sara said...

Ah. Now that you've posted a picture, I understand what funky foam is. Neat.