Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Take Two Cats and Call Me in the Morning

What an exciting weekend! On Sunday, we traveled down to Hotlanta for a very Creative Event. My husband's debut novel Legacy of Dragons: Emergence is on the verge of release. It's edited and ready to go except for some final polishing, including the cover. To create that cover, we worked with a photographer, a model, and two body painters to create some stunning visual images. I was absolutely floored by the work they put into the photos. The room fairly crackled with the artistic energy that was bouncing off the walls there. I have been forbidden to post any previews of the pictures, but I think you will enjoy the final product when the book is released.

I did have the honor of making a prop for the shoot, and I hope it turns out well in the finished product. Polymer clay and Swarovski crystals. That's all I'm sayin'.

Special thanks and shout-out to Jessica Moss (model), Grace Moss of Bodhi Tree Photography (photographer), Lynn Cole of Lynn Cole Body Art (body painter), and Rio Sirah (body painter). You can find Bodhi Tree and Lynn Cole Body Art pages on FaceBook if you are interested. I believe Rio is there as well. If you have an Atlanta area event that just screams for face or body paint, please give them a look-see. They are very professional and LOADS of fun to work with.

Also, they can be found by following these links:
Grace the Photographer
Lynn the Painter
Rio the Painter

I think I have a Creativity Hangover! Still recovering from the outpouring of generosity and beauty of that day.

A word about body painting ... this is more than just a touch of make-up. This is a body treatment, and it is a beautiful form of art. I experienced a taste of it a few years ago at DragonCon, when I cosplayed Black Lantern Terra. Lynn Cole and Rio painted a group of us as the zombie-ish Black Lanterns from DC Comics, and the results were deliciously terrifying. I have seen photos of their work, from simple face paint to a full-body job. It is a beautiful art treating the human body as a canvas, and it can bring out the beauty in all of us.

My husband (nom de plume T. D. Raufson) has a web site with more information on his urban fantasy novel, due out by the end of the year: T. D. Raufson Blog

The creation of my own novel continues to roll, but Twenty Million Leagues Over the Sea has a long way to go before it sees the cover treatment. Can't wait, though, if it's this much fun.

Have a great week and a beautiful Christmas / Solstice / Kwanzaa / Hanukkah! If you are feeling down due to holiday stress, take 2 cats and call me in the morning.
Furry Hugs from Cassie (the Calico) and Ergo (the Magnificent). Hobo (not pictured) sends her love as well.