Friday, July 21, 2006

Gearing Up For DragonCon

I'm reading a lot of the articles on Newsarama and Wizard about the current ComicCon in San Diego, and they've got me all excited about DragonCon next month. I'm working on my Raven costume now (OYL version), and I'm very happy with the way it is turning out now.

I'll be attending the writing workshop that happens just before the Con opens, so that ought to be helpful in polishing up my stories. I'm looking over the website for the Con as well to try and plan all of the tracks that I'd like to attend. I definitely want to see the 'BattleStar Galactica' panels again. Richard Hatch moderated one last year, and it was a great presentation. He's a very inspriational speaker. He's at ComicCon this year; here's an article on his panel:

Richard Hatch at ComicCon

For you Deepak Chopra fans: Dr. Chopra showed up at ComicCon on a panel with Grant Morrison to talk about "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes". As a practioner of yoga and a comics fan, this really piqued my interest:

Dr. Chopra at ComicCon

This is an overview of the panel. The article promises a full transcript next week. I'll keep an eye out for that one as well.

I really enjoyed TT #37. Steve Dayton grew a spine and took Dr. Caulder down a deserved peg or two. However, I would have liked to have seen how he got to that point from his state in the previous issue, where he had a somewhat tenuous grip on reality. That would be an interesting story in itself (not to mention the story of how he got his body back in the first place, maybe in a "Secret Files and Origins" or something like that).

I'm very sad that Gar is not going back with the Titans, but I think we'll see him again. Change is a constant, and he's been off the team before. He's a wonderful character that has really grown up over the years, and I really want to see that character continue to grow. I'm glad to see he has his family back. Maybe now that Rita is with Steve, Steve will stay more stable and they can develop a good relationship. I can understand his desire to stay, in that light. I'm hoping the DP will have lots of guest shots in the Titans.

I really like Kid Devil and Rose as members of the team. Blue Devil's treatment of Eddie is heartbreaking... he should have come when he said he was going to, and if he didn't intend to come, he should not have gotten his hopes up. Poor kid. I like the friendship between him and Rose, even if it doesn't develop into anything romantic. She is very protective of him, like a big sister.

I loved the Raven panel at the end. Sooooo, maybe they didn't break up. At least not the way Robin presented it. Robin wasn't lying -- it's what she wanted people to think. Now, we have to find out what the 'something strange' is. I'm definitely hooked and look forward to seeing how things play out.

Overall, I liked the issue, but I felt that it was rushed in parts. The BoE fight was kind of short, and a lot was packed into it. I don't mind a lot being packed into it, but darn it, some months 22 pages just ain't enough.

SQUEE! There's talk of a Doom Patrol movie! No mention of Garfield Logan on the team, but I think the movie is a cool concept anyway. I'm definitely in line to see that one. If the movie is successful, maybe they'll get lined up for a new series that will actually stick around for a while.


Sara said...

Ooo, a Raven costume huh? Neat. I'm working on an Elasti-Girl costume for Halloween (that I'd like to wear to a con next year, if I get to actually go...)

I don't doubt we'll see Gar soon. He'll be back, I'm sure. (Actually, since there are strong rumors that Cyborg's going to end up on the JLA, I wouldn't be surprised if he called in Gar to come back to the Titans to lead or supervise or something....but that's more wishful thinking on my part)

And Raven's little mystery is very interesting. Did she leave to solve what was causing the 'strangeness', or did the strangeness compel her to just leave? (It broke my heart that she said Gar got so stressed out that he reminded her of NIGHTWING. Aww, Gar.)
I think he knows she didn't leave because of him though. She either told him (but no one else) or he just watched the tapes. He seemed to know what was on those.

And yay! Doom Patrol movie! Glad to hear somebody else is excited about this. I'm not going to get my hopes up for Gar or Steve Dayton, since that would be too much introduced in a movie, but if there's a sequel...heehee.

Have fun at DragonCon!


KTHunter said...

Hi Sara!

The E-G costume sounds cool. I hope you get to go to a Con next year. I love DragonCon because it's only 2 hours away. Some day I'll go to San Diego...(*sigh*)

I am looking forward to seeing Raven's mystery unfold. I'm so ready for the next issue! Third Wednesday from now. Not too bad... I have the idea that he at least knows that she didn't leave because of him. That knowing little smile he had when he told Vic about them... eh, probably just my overly romantic imagination at work there.

Ironic that she said it reminded of Nightwing in a negative connotation when one remembers that she had a crush on Dick once. My, how things have changed.

Looking forward to the Judas Contract movies as well. So cool! I am happy that Marv and George will be there to give it lots of love.

Take it ez!