Friday, June 02, 2006

Superman/Batman #26

I just picked this up today. It's the Sam Loeb tribute issue. Sam is the son of Jeph Loeb, who is one of the major writers at DC. He passed away last year after a bout with cancer; he was only 17. He was writing the idea for this issue for submission to DC as a published story. A group of writers and artists got together to complete it. And what a tale it is! It's more than just a tribute issue. It's a truly funny story about the friendship between Superboy and Robin. I laughed so hard in places that I thought I was going to hurt myself. It was both enjoyable and memorable. If you are a Titans fan at all, you need to pick it up. Some of the female Titans make, er, rather interesting cameo appearances, so to speak.

Of course, this is my version of Superboy's favorite scene:

Beast Boy in Paradise

There was another story at the end. "Sam's Story" is a story of Superman's youth, when he knew a young man named Sam who died of cancer. This story was so touching -- it makes me want to cry when I just think about it. It made me feel like Sam was someone that I would have enjoyed meeting. I am certain that, from the way he is portrayed in this story and the way his idea was played out, that he was truly a bright light in this world. What wonderful stories this young man must have had to tell!

I am thankful that he made my day, hell, my month, a little brighter. He gave me some laughs when I really, really needed them. I wish I could thank him for it. I honestly think that is what storytellers live for -- to hear that their story meant something to somebody and that it made someone's life a little better, even if for just a little while. This story did that for me. I do thank the staff of DC and his father for putting together such a wonderful and fitting memorial for him. I honestly think he would be proud of how his idea came to life. I think this issue will be loved for a long, long time.

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