Friday, May 26, 2006

Teen Titans #36

WOW! This was a great issue. I think I've read the words off the pages already. There is a lot going on. Questions are popping out of my head all the time as I wonder what is happening.

The Chief -- just, wow. Not what I expected. Of course, I have very little knowledge of the Doom Patrol outside of that I've seen in the pages of the Titans. My first experience with the Chief (when it wasn't a flashback) was in Titans #32 when the DP's memories got restored by Superboy's Reality Shaking Punches. I thought, "Wow, this is a Professor-X kind of guy that could help Raven out with her changing powers." I had no idea he was such a control freak! I got goosebumps when I read the conversation between the Chief and Rita as they operated on Kid Devil. Brrrrrrr! Now I'm thinking, "Keep him FAR AWAY from Raven!"

There is some kind of mind manipulation going on here. I have heard speculations by others on the forums that Mento's helmet may be involved in it. Steve is convinced that he needs to keep it on, that's for sure. I'm inclined to agree with that guess. Gar may not be as completely into the cult of personality as the others, but I think there's some influence there. (Personally, I think the Chief may have been responsible for BB's dreams that led him to seek out the DP in #32. There's no evidence of that, but I found it interesting that Chief claimed to have the same dreams.)

I can't wait for the next one!


Sara said...

I agree. The Chief is creepy, and needs to be taken care of.
I think Raven could handle him no sweat, though. Too bad she's far away in Russia...or Japan...or somewhere else (what is she doing? what's happened to her?)

And the Daytons need to be a happy family! Rita loves YOU, Steve! Take of the helmet! Be there for your son! Rita, Gar and Steve will love you even if you can't think straight!

Sorry. I love those three very, very much. They are such a screwed up family, but not because they don't love each other. They're just (dare I say it?) DOOMED.


Leo Cez said...

You don't know how I want to read this Titans OYL.... But here in Brazil, the comics came really One Year Later....... See Ya!