Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Nadir" Is Completely in Beta

Whew! My alpha pass is complete, and all of the next installment is in the hands of my beta readers! I am excited to have gotten it this far. I still think the post date will be early May. I hope it's worth the wait!

And I'm all anxious about getting #35. I hope they at least mention Raven in this issue. According to the solicits, though, we may not know anything much until July. C'mon, guys, find our girl!


Sara said...

I have no idea what 'beta' means in terms of fanfiction. I hear it a lot, and know that it means the story is coming soon, but after that I'm stumped.

Oh yeah, haha, your mention of "One Vision' in 'Deeper' inspired me to make a Raven lj-icon using some of the lyrics. (Actually, I was makin' 50 Raven icons for an icontest, but yeah, One Vision made it in there.)


KTHunter said...

Hi Sara,

'Beta' means it's gone to another person to be proofread. It helps to have another pair of eyes look at it for typos. I refer to my first personal pass as 'alpha'. 'Beta' is used a lot amongst FF.net folk, but I am not sure if anyone else uses 'alpha'.

Oh, wow! I would love to see that One Vision icon! How cool is that!

Sara said...

Ah, okay. That's Beta. How's that going, anyway? Do you have a post date in mind? :)

The icon can be found here: http://retro-takeout.livejournal.com/35331.html
It's way at the bottom: Artist Choice #24


KTHunter said...

It's going great. I am hoping top post within the next couple of weeks.

I looked at the icons. Those are so cool! I'm glad you make one with 'One Vision'.

silverlullaby said...

I still cannot wait for the posting of Nadir. I'm sure it will be great KT!
And yes, I really want Raven to be back soon too. T.T

And Ms. Sara, I checked out your icons as well, they're awesome! I love them!

KTHunter said...

I want Raven back soon... I'm having to read all my back issues to get my Raven fix...

Leo Cez said...

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