Saturday, February 11, 2006

Attention X-Files Fans!

Are you a rabid X-Files fan? Are you a roleplayer? Then, my friend, there is a new forum in town that lets you be both. My friend Moo the Quacking Cow from the RBSU (Raven and Beast Boy Shippers United) forum has created a forum all her own.

Here is the basic idea. There is a list of available X-Files roles in the Roleplay Applications board. Sorry, Scully and Mulder are taken! Take a look at that thread and see what available role you would like to play.

1. You can sign up for an account under your own user name following the normal forum registration procedures.

2. Pick the role you would like to audition for from the Roleplay Applications Board, Applications Thread.

3. Send a PM (Private Message) to Mulder (Admin) to audition for that role. Make sure you PM is in character!

4. Mulder will let you know if you pass muster for that character. If so, you'll get a new account with that role as the screen name.

Be sure to view the posting rules and be prepared to come in character!

I'm Langly, by the way.

Here is the link: X-Files Roleplaying Forum

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